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Everyone’s had Kobe beef. Who cares?

After the enormously successful global brand launch of MeatWater™ in 2007, the visionaries at Liquid Innovations™ yearned to take a on a bigger, bolder problem. How can we exponentially increase tenderness for people?

Now select gourmets like you can qualify for the SpaceVeal™ initial product offering.


Surface dwellers have always suffered from the damaging effects of gravity, which destroys flavor and tenderness in all terrestrial edibles.

Approximately 72% of all energy expended by farm animals is spent fighting the harmful effects of gravity.

This stressful, wasteful use of precious life energy forces animals to grow useless muscle mass that becomes gristle and tough, flavorless meat.

After 6 years of intensive research and development, Liquid Innovations™ has started construction of the Orbital Ranch Platform™ (ORP), and is ready to start qualifying select diners the first batch of SpaceVeal™.



Not lab grown

You live luxuriously and expect no less from the animals you eat. There’s no better bovine life than float-grazing the open range of the ORP. No GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics, or other invasive lifeforms.
Just pure leisure and happiness, ultra cruelty-free. And you can taste the richness. Even traumatic and painful branding has been humanely replaced by our patented touch-free painless Laser Branding Wand™ (LBW).
This historic project will deliver the first FlavAbove™ SpaceVeal™ filets to a select group of diners who will be the first humans to ever experience the full unadulterated flavor and mouthfeel of gravity free beef.
Patrons have the option of dining in-orbit for the maximum experience, or dining on the surface if their schedule can’t accommodate the travel to the ORP. Surface orders are priority shipped in cryogenically sealed containers to maintain medical grade quality.






Beyond tender

Ultra free-range

Not lab grown

Real heirloom calves, naturally inseminated. Real grass, real human ranchers. Spa-grade organic relaxed environment, solar powered, peaceful. Abundant feed with no predators. Never genetically modified, no anti-biotics or chemicals used. Ever.


Meaningful sensory intensity. That's easy to say, but pretty hard to do. Nothing artificial, no additives, no processing. Ever. Enjoy dining the old fashioned way, before humans moved to the surface.

Cruelty free

The most humane gourmet dining option. Floating effortlessly in space. 100% free-range, no invasive species. Step 1: No cages, no crates, no crowding. Step 2: Oxygen enriched environment. Step 3: Gravity-free enhanced outdoor access. Step 4: Pasture-centered. Step 5: Animal-centered, physical alterations prohibited. Step 5+: Animals live entire life on integrated space ranch (ORP).


Elegant. Inspired. Graceful. Lovingly hand raised and groomed by real human space-ranchers. Small batch cuts. No robots, feed lots, or engineers.

Unprecedented flavor

Experience the true gourmet flavor and mouthfeel of pure veal, never exposed to the ravages of gravity. The taste is a very focused rheological wonder, true organoleptic joy. Subtle changes in a food product's formulation can change mouthfeel significantly. There are five primary parameters (hardness, cohesiveness, viscosity, elasticity and adhesiveness) and three secondary parameters (brittleness, chewiness and gumminess).


As with almost everything, gravity has an effect on the behavior of food tissues, which in turn affect the maturation process and flavor of substances like veal. SpaceVeal™ organic farm to table meats are solar powered and sustainably raised, certifiably organic to bring you a better dinner and support a better environment. You don't cut corners, and neither do we.

Make history



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Liquid Innovations enjoys worldwide success, initiating the a quest to solve larger problems Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum Lorem ipsum


The numbers

Billion dollars in research

Delivery 2019


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Everyone's had Kobe Beef. Who cares?

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